Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TSQL Challenge Quiz: Win an IPAD And Bragging Rights!

First and foremost, sorry for the long delay between posts, I have recently switched jobs and my laptop crashed.  I am just now getting back into a steady routine and will be posting more regularly in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned.  So now that I have the formalities out of the way….. How does a FREE IPAD sound?

TSQLChallenges.com is  currently running TSQL Quiz 2011.  TSQL Quiz 2011 will be running a TSQL SQL Server question each day in March 2011.  Each question is orchestrated by SQL Server experts and community leaders to address SQL Server problem areas and/or best practices.  TSQL Quiz is a great opportunity to interact with fellow database professionals, strengthen your SQL Server knowledge, and most importantly win an IPAD, compliments of Red Gate Software ! Even if you feel like you are not online enough to compete, do not fret because the questions remain open for 30 days. You really do not have anything to lose.

If you are interested in participating in TSQL Quiz 2011, you can start by clicking http://beyondrelational.com/quiz/SQLServer/TSQL/2011/default.aspx.  All the information you need is provided on the site.

If you want to help TSQL Challenges by becoming a Quiz Master, you can click here, http://beyondrelational.com/quiz/nominations/0/new.aspx


Good luck and happy coding.


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