Saturday, August 7, 2010

TSQL Challenge 35 Available recently released challenge 35, “Find the total number of 'Full Attendees' in each 24 HOP Session”.  For those not familiar with TSQL Challenges,  TSQL Challenges is a website that creates and evaluates SQL Server puzzles each and every week.  The goal of TSQL Challenges is to increase TSQL best practice awareness and to showcase solutions to common and sometimes uncommon TSQL problems, using set based programming logic. Not only do you compete in challenges, but more importantly TSQL Challenges gives you the opportunity to interact with your peers.  Essentially it is a mechanism to give back to and learn from the SQL Server community.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and checkout TSQL Challenges, I highly recommend you do so,

So…. What is the challenge?  The challenge should you choose to accept it is to count the number of attendees that fully watched each session at 24 hours of PASS.  Note:  this data is artificial and does not reflect real 24 hours of PASS metrics.  If you love puzzles, TSQL, and PASS this challenge is for you. 

Good luck and happy coding.


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