Monday, August 3, 2009

For those of you who like doing puzzles and have a desire to enhance your TSQ skills, turn the dial up.  There is a new and fresh website that offers an assortment of TSQL challenges, .  The website takes real life scenarios and turns them into puzzles.  The responses are then tested against other solutions and a “winner” is determined.  As with everything in life, the ultimate goal is a lot more than winning.  This site is aiming to introduce real world problems and solutions to new and seasoned developers.  These challenges will make you think outside the box and your comfort zone. It is my opinion that the most important aspect of TSQL Challenges is what it  brings to the community.  If you like puzzles,  a challenge, and working collaboratively with other database professionals, TSQL Challenges is right for you.

I am also very pleased and excited to announce that I have asked to join the TSQL Challenges team.  I will be aiding in creating real world problems and helping with anything else that is needed of me.   I am very honored and excited to work with the everyone on the TSQL Challenges team. If you have a real world problem that seems like it could be a good candidate for a puzzle, or if you just have some ideas, please drop me a line. 

Are you up to the challenge?

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